Free From Food Addiction Self-Assessment

Find Out Where You Might Be Getting Stuck

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Take this assessment to help you determine where you are now.

Each section in this assessment represents an important element of embodying your freedom from food addiction and obsession.

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  1. Where you are on track toward trusting yourself to make healthy choices.a

  2. What areas you need to focus on to truly get on the path of freedom.

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Read each statement that follows and rate it 0 - 10 using the scale indicated below. 

0 - 3 = Never                                                                          7 - 9 = Often

4 - 6 = Sometimes                                                                 10 = Always

I. Mind

1. I doubt my decisions and don't trust myself to make healthy choices.

2. I've done so much work on myself and frustrated that I'm still dealing with this.

3. I struggle with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

4. I constantly think about and obsess about food, even when I'm not hungry.

II. Body

1. I feel disconnected from my body.

2. I have a hard time being present with others.

3. I lack confidence and hold back on being more social.

4. I get really busy and don't self-care.

III. Spirituality

1. I am really affected by what others think of me.

2. I get irritated, annoyed and resentful.

3. I am inauthentic and don't speak up.

4. I have a lot of fear.

IV. Support

1. I have a tendency to get stuck in my old patterns and self-sabotage.

2. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

3. I feel alone and tend to isolate.

4. I don't want to be judged so I just try to figure things out on my own.

V. Commitment Level (0 = not committed, 10 = totally committed)

1. I am committed to learning what’s been holding me back from having freedom from food addiction or obsession.

2. I am willing to invest in myself and my life to be free from the obsession and bingeing cycle.

3. I value a complimentary freedom from food addiction clarity call and will schedule one immediately if I qualify.

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